Aloha ✨  & welcome to our corner of internet paradise! 🌴 🐠  🌺   Pōmaikaʻi Au, which means I am blessed in Hawaiian, is a Hawaiian Christian clothing lifestyle brand helping hoaalohaʻs* and ohanaʻs* stay connected and united with Christ island style. Using designs inspired by Akua*, we want to bring Iesū*, our one true God, glory & praise 🙌🏼  for the blessings in life. Even in times of adversity 🙃 ,  there is always many blessings 🙏🏼  to be grateful for. We want you to be reminded every day that you are BLESSED 💯  and you are worthy! The price 💸  has already been paid 🚫 . Come to the cross ✝️  , level up in pūle* and lay down your burdens. For you are forgiven & E Pōmaikaʻi ʻOe*!

ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi

 Hoaaloha*: Friend  |  Ohana*: Family  |  Akua*: God  |  Iesū*: Jesus    Pūle*: Prayer  |  E Pomaikaʻi ʻOe!: You Are Blessed!

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